Pricing Overview
I want to be upfront and transparent with my pricing, so that you know what to expect. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Custom packages or flat-rates can also be negotiated.
Hourly Rate
I will charge an hourly rate for the time I'll be on the spot, depending on the total duration. It already covers the costs for post-production (selection, cropping, color correction, retouching) and hosting for all photos.
• 1 to 2 hours: 80€ per hour
• 3 to 5 hours: 70€ per hour (~12% discount)
• 6 or more hours: 60€ per hour (~25% discount)
Whatever you pay on hourly rates, you will receive as discount for licensing the photos.
Depending on the requested license, I will charge a license fee per photo.
No License - 0€
By default, all photos I deliver are unlicensed. They are watermarked and you may only use them in accordance with the fair-use policy.
Private Use License - 10€
Photos delivered with this license are not watermarked and exported at full resolution. You may use them for non-commercial purposes, like prints for your own home.
Commercial Use License - 80€
Photos delivered with this license are not watermarked and exported at full resolution. In addition to the exported photos, you also get the RAW captures if requested. You may use them for any purpose. You may not sale or re-license them.
Let's say you're organizing a boat party for family and friends. The tour will be 4 hours and you want me to capture the evening to create some great memories.
What you pay: 280€ (4 times the 70€ hourly rate).
What you get: All post-processed photos in an album, similar to this one, which you may use in accordance with the fair-use policy. From this album, you can optionally select photos to license. You will get a 280€ discount (i.e. 28 personal use licenses for free).
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