Fair Use Policy
If you enjoy my work so much that you want to share it, I’ll appreciate that. However, please keep the following rules in mind when doing so. A violation (intended or not) is considered a copyright infringement, which is strict liability.​​​​​​​ If you purchased an explicit license to use my work, these rules may not apply.
Ask for permission first
If the work hasn't been published before, get in touch before publishing it. If it has been published before or you got a permission, publish watermarked work only.
Do not alter the work in any way
That includes cropping as well as applying filters or color corrections. Under no circumstances do you remove any watermarks from the work or overlay it with other content. If you need altered work (e.g. a square version for Instagram), feel free to ask.
Always mention the copyright owner
Add a tag to the photo and mention to the description, like in this post.
On Instagram, tag & mention @steppschuh.photography
On Facebook, tag & mention @steppschuh.net
On Twitter, mention @steppschuh192
Everywhere else, place a clearly visible link to photography.steppschuh.net
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